My main principle like the oriental artist
is to paint nature as I see it with my mind,

not as it looks to the eye.

Hamed Abdalla Signature

Abdalla Egyptian Painter

Meet Abdalla

Hamed Abdalla (1917-1985), was a pioneer of Egyptian and Arab modernism. A self taught artist from a modest peasant family of upper Egypt, he rose to prominence early in his career.
Abdalla started painting at the age of 10 inspired by his fellah’s environnement, later his work centered on his development of what he called “the Creative word”, written words expressed in paint, blending abstraction and human forms.



Signs of Egypt

From 1935 to 1959

Creative word

From 1947 to 1983


People from the caves

From 1974 to 1977


Convulsions series

From 1977 to 1984